About Us

Heavenly Hands offers basic alterations such as buttons hems waist and mends. Specializing in unique repurposed fashion accessories and keepsakes. We offer exclusivity as no two pieces are exactly alike. All accessories are made with love in prayer.
Fav fabric are jean faux leather and patterned cotton.

Our Mission

Let’s refashion lives! Each month I will gift a refashioned item and styling services to a woman striving to thrive after trauma. Email us at connect@heavenlyhandsplus.com to be nominated. We also host Art Healing Sessions & T.H.R.I.V.E events, rsvp on Eventbrite, and a Klothes 4 Kids gently used clothes drive in partnership with CGHF www.CGHFheals.org

The Vision

Be a brand of love authenticity and inspiration to see refashioned women tell new stories and thrive after trauma