She pushed them to be honest with themselves and speak for themselves it was a real opportunity to show who they are and what they go thru there were hugs and tears…transformed these students

Teacher Vanessa Ann


Evangelist Andrea

Donta provides professional and unique services. She made my event a success. I’ll definitely be using her again!

CEO Sassy Chick Boutique

Donta did a fabulous job styling me for the photo shoot. She was attentive and made sure I was looking my best. I highly recommend her.


It was the energy for me!


I love my Nunu’s and dreamcatchers. They are so unique and they were born from my favorite scarf. I smile whenever I’m about to wear them. I get so many compliments whenever I have them on. 🧚🏿‍♀️✨


Since young, I always and still have trouble getting heard by others. Last year was a big step for me because of your strong encouraging words. It made me realize that I shouldn’t care or be afraid of what people think about me...your self love

Oswald, Student

The first word that comes to mind is innovative


The real deal


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